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Monday, February 20, 2012

Tutorial: How to run Reaver inside Beini

The article will focus on the the TCZ package and how to obtain the Reaver in Beini normal operation.

Beini of Zhao Chunsheng a few days ago Reaver submitted to the TCL group , so Reaver Beini run it possible.
The tools need to be prepared:
Beini the ISO
UltraISO (google it)
Reaver the TCZ packages (mediafire reaver 1.4.gz)use link below
mediafire reaver 1.4.tcz 
The recommended low version of this file(sqlite3.tcz) be placed, in order to avoid dependency problems.
Downloaded the TCZ packages, loaded with UltraISO Beini ISO image file:
Here, for example, to Beini1.2.2 TCZ file into the folder named tce
* put both reaver.tcz and sqlite3.tcz into tce folder

Press Ctrl + S to save your changes, and will load the ISO into a virtual machine or burn into the removable media guide into Beini system after opening the shell, you should see the normal load of Reaver:

At this point, the Reaver will be installed on Beini.


  1. i cant find reaver.tcz? after download only has reaver-1.4.tar.gz need to extract or what?

    1. sorry,use this link (mediafire reaver 1.4.tcz)

    2. ok got it. btw have you ever hacked wpa with reaver? im trying to hack unifi(wpa2-psk)

  2. pe command tok run kt beini???

  3. Can I use inflator.tcz in the same way... is it possible...
    I obtain inflator.tcz from:

  4. hello dear My NAme is Khan .My Id Is
    Please show me How to hack wpa wpa2 in beini
    and tell me about the installation of beini how to run beini
    complete video of hacking .kindly try for me making wpa traking ; thanks& best Regard Arshed siyaf khan
    Please Email Me Its Very Importent

  5. where i can find link download reaver and sqlite because that link is broken...

  6. can i run it in window 7?i hate to use there any other software that can be use in window to hack wifi password?

  7. reaver,,the file is removed or deleted...
    any new link plz...

  8. download reaver from here

    and download sqlite from here

    download ultra trial version from here

    and download beini for run the beini download vmplayer

    sorry for bad english...