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Monday, February 20, 2012

Tiny Core Inflator 1.0

TinyCore use Inflator (Amendment 2)

executable file in the inflator1.0-backtrack5r1-gnome-bit32.deb "inflator" can not be normal use the TinyCore-4.2.1 environment (CDlinux is meant to-0.9.7 can be directly used, as long as made the appropriate package that is, may) need some modification, the modified file is available for download.

How to use:
1: Unzip after "inflator1_0.tcz," copied into "TinyCore-4.2.1 CD-ROM root directory;
2: boot the system, open the terminal execution: tce in-the load-i / mnt/sr0/inflator1_0.tcz the
Note: The above command unparalleled quotes, sr0 is my CD-ROM device operator, please press need to be amended. (Amendment 1: This command will automatically display the icon)
Download: Click
MD5 (zip): 3f2d5dff2a77b516244837c636a91a46
Repair a:
Old and new version of the CD-ROM in TinyCore start automatically load the package is different from the old version of TinyCore only need to copy the package to TCE directory to the new version is a little tricky, to "inflator1_0.tcz", for example:
Edited with UltraEdit the ISO tce in \ onboot.lst, add:
Note: Please keep a blank line added
To Inflator icon:
ISO "tce in \ mydata.tgz 7z software to open, and then use the UltraEdit edit the following file:
"Mydata.tgz \ mydata.tar \ home \ tc \. Icons"
Add three lines: (Note: Please keep a blank line added)
i: / tmp/tcloop/inflator1_0/usr/local/tce.icons/inflator_icon.png
t: Inflator
c: sudo / bin / inflator / inflator
The the "onboot.lst" and "mydata.tgz default in the new version of the TinyCore CD does not exist, when TinyCore install to your hard drive and generate a user profile to appear.
Repair (Amendment package - call permissions) 2012-01-25 18:15
2012-01-25 11:10 Revised


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