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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wifi Steal Discoverer Release

The thread before this is the Beta product. This is the release of Wifi Steal Discovery 

Software Name: Wifi Steal Discoverer

Software License: Free

File Size: 91.2 KB

Updated: 2011.09.20 PM21: 17

System Requirements: Windows7/Vista/XP (must have Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0 support)

Software Description: Unlike traditional anti-rub network software, the software for the wireless router through the wireless client device, a list of pages of information, login or attempting to log on for surveillance, even in the rub net behavior can occur before the attack phase issued a warning notice. Network behavior will rub nipped in the bud stage!

Download: local download

Contact the author:

Support list (most of the same vendors the same configuration, you can use "type compatible" alternative, if you find "compatible type" application of a model is not written in the list, please contact me, thank you for your support!) :
D-Link (DI-624 + A)
FAST (FW54Rv4)
Tenda (W311R, W307R, W150M)
TP-LINK (TL-WR941Nv4/v5, TL-WR841Nv7, TL-WR740Nv5.0/v6.0, TL-WR541G/542Gv4, TL-WR340Gv5, TD-W89741Nv1, TD-W89541Gv2)
Mercury (MW54Rv4)
About donation: the software to accept Alipay donations, donation will get a "lic" registration file (registration required please leave name and e-mail address), the register file in the same directory with the software will display the names of donors Of course, if you can provide some information related equipment to improve the software and its adoption would be to get a registration file. The unregistered version has no limitations in functionality, and no registration information of the tips.
Thank the following test staff for their hard work:
Gun blue sky (Guangdong), lacool (Hunan), why (Nanjing), yinsh918 (Hebei), lizan1982

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